Authorisation to work

As a citizen of the European Union you are entitled to reside and work in the European Union.

ATTENTION! The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will not affect the rights of EU citizens as regards the possibility to reside and work there.

In section 6 of the guidebook you can find contact information on how to obtain the necessary documents.

Any citizen of the European Union is potentially considered “eligible” to:

  • Work;

  • Study,

  • Carry out activities as a sole trader or

  • Look for work.

For this you will need a “certificate as an eligible person” that you can get online by filling out a form for this purpose.

Should you require help contact the following telephone number: 03333 445 675

ATTENTION! Do not forget to apply for a “registration certificate” for the people in your family who are accompanying you, such as:

  • Children

  • Siblings

  • Cousins

  • Uncles or aunts

  • Fiancés

  • Grandparents

  • Unmarried partner

In this case, when the worker registers as an “eligible person” such worker must complete the EFM – Extended Family Member form, i.e., a form to register the members of his or her household.