Employees’ Rights

All employees are entitled to:

  1. Receive at least the National Minimum Wage

  2. Receive protection against illegal deductions from their wages

  3. Paid annual holidays

  4. Minimum legal rest period

  5. Protection against accidents at the workplace

  6. Work no more than an average of 48 hours a week

  7. Protection against illegal discrimination

  8. Protection for ‘reporting’ – communicating infringements at the workplace

  9. Equal treatment if working part time

  10. Become a trade union member

  11. Be accompanied in case of complaints or disciplinary actions

  12. Payment of sickness benefit

  13. Protection during pregnancy

  14. Maternity and paternity leave and corresponding payment

  15. Minimum notice period, if your contract terminates, for example, if the employer makes redundancies

  16. Protection against unjustified dismissal

  17. Request flexible timetable

  18. Free time in case of emergency

  19. Redundancy payment