Support and Useful Information

In addition to trade unions – and together with them – there are several organisations available that can help you in case of need:

  1. ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)

This organisation provides information, support and advice to employers, workers and employees on matters related to their activity. In the event of a dispute there is a Conciliation and Arbitration Centre for the parties.

  1. EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

This commission provides support and legal advice in the area of equality and Human Rights. It also carries out research and gives guidance.

  1. CAB (Citizens’ Advice Bureaux)

This is an organisation partially consisting of volunteer workers who provide information and advice on the most relevant rights of citizens, from labour rights to social rights, such as health, education, employment …

  1. EAS (Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate)

This is an agency that supervises activities connected with Temporary Work Agencies, including hiring workers and the conditions guaranteed them.

  1. GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority)

This is a public body that regulates and licenses activities supplying manpower for Agriculture, Fisheries, horticulture, processing and packaging vegetable and fish produce.

  1. HMRC (enforcement of National Minimum Wage)

This is a mechanism aimed at reporting and disclosing employers who do not comply with the payment of the National Minimum Wage, by accepting reports to this effect.

  1. HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

This body is aimed at promoting the improvement of occupational safety and health, by providing information and guidance to this effect.

  1. Maternity Actio

This is a charitable organisation aimed at promoting equality, at informing and advising pregnant workers on their maternity rights and helping them fight discrimination.

9. EASI (Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate)

This is a government agency aimed at inspecting and supervising compliance with labour laws and national minimum wage by employers.