Trade Union Representation

In the United Kingdom there are several types of workers’ representatives and are elected by them by way of direct and secret vote. Among the different existing types, you can find:

  • Trade union leaders – members of the board of a trade union who run it and represent it at the highest level;

  • Trade union delegates – representatives directly elected by the workers at each workplace and who only deal with aspects related to that specific workplace and with workers and employees who work there;

Then, there are other types of representatives directed more towards specific tasks, such as:

  • Representatives in occupational safety and health for this area;

  • Representatives in works committees – elected by all the workers, be they union members or not, representing the workers before the board of each company.

Join the union and elect your representatives!

Participate in trade unions and in workers’ representative structures!

Right to trade union action

In the UK and at the workplace trade union representatives are entitled to, for example:

  • Post trade union information and distribute it to the workers;

  • Be consulted by the employer regarding certain issues;

  • Time credit for trade union activity;

  • Meet at the workplace during or out of working hours;

  • Facilities to carry out their activity;

  • Negotiate working conditions higher than the minimum legal requirements – when recognised by the employer.

Any trade union member is entitled to benefit from this action. In companies where there exists trade union action, as a rule, workers earn higher wages and enjoy better working conditions.