Worker – employee

Workers are considered “Employees” when:

  1. They turn up at work regularly

  2. Their employer provides them with a regular work schedule

  3. They are paid for the work they do

  4. They themselves carry out the work (i.e. it is not permitted to ask a friend or relative to do it for you)

  5. They are allowed to refuse work or refuse to go to work

  6. Their employer is responsible for how, when and where they work

  7. Their employer pays the taxes and National Insurance on their wages

  8. Their employer provides them with tools, equipment, facilities, uniform, etc.

  9. They have a written labour contract.

Note: If those facts do not apply to you it is because your category may be that of a “self-employed worker” or an “atypical worker”.

In that case, you should ask for help from a trade union representative, if you are not sure about your employment situation